INVC511, Alias PA46010-1502



Hitachi INVC551 (Alias PA46010-1502, PA50950-0796) is no longer available (Obsoleted). One of the most popular back light inverter that uses in 10.4 inch Industrial LCD screens. To extend its life and improving its performance, upgrading to our UB Series LED backlight is the best option. Our LED upgrade kit included one UB54 series LED strip, one small and compact LED driver (MS610UB) and one wire adapter that allow you to connect INVC511 inverter’s wire harness directly to our LED driver (MS610UB). It is easy to install, no technical skill require, no soldering require, anyone can do it!
LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours (last 10X longer than CCFL). Being solid state devices, LED will perform exactly as when they were manufactured as opposed to CCFL which loose light output continuously over their life – up to 50%.
INVC511-LEDKIT included the following items:
1 LED strip (Replacing CCFL Lamp),
1 LED driver (Replacing Defective Hitachi INVC551)
1 wire adapter (Connect Hitachi INVC551’s wire harness directly into our LED driver)
Please double check your LCD screen size before purchasing. LED Upgrade kit for Hitachi INVC551 inverter is INVC511-LEDKIT

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