QF117V1, 2 CCFL lamps Inverter



Refurbished QF117V1 comes with a 90 days warranty.
In most cases, replacing defective QF117V1 may not solve the problem, because the defective QF117V1 is caused by bad CCFL lamps. So, when replacing QF117V1 inverters, you also need to replace two CCFL lamps, too. However, the most cost effective solution will be upgrading to our UB36318LED6420X2+MS442EXT LED kits and to extend its life and improve its performance. Six pin pigtails connector is included. It is easy to install, no technical skill required, no soldering required, anyone can do it!
UB36318LED6420X2+MS442EXT included the following items:
1 LED strip (Replacing 2 CCFL Lamps).
1 LED driver (Replacing Defective QF117V1)
1 MS442EXT wire adapter is included
Note: This LED upgrade kit UB36318LED6420X2+MS442EXT is for a 15 inch LCD that was originally equipped with QF117V1 with dual CCFL lamps that were mounted on top and bottom. QF117V1 has been used on a different size of LCD screens. Please double check your LCD screen’s size before purchasing

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