TTL-800x600, For Testing older LCD that has 800X600 resolution



This LCD kit is for testing smaller industrial LCD screens (6.5” to 12.1”) that had TTL interface, which means that you cannot use LST04 to test them. This kit included 2 inverters(MS495DI, MS179DI, MS336EXT & MS529EXT) and 3 most common screen wire harness(TTL-DF9-3940) that allows you to test LCD screen that has 800X600 resolutions, Such as NEC, Sharp, Toshiba and Torisan.
Note: 12V DC (3A) AC-DC Adapter is not included. DC Jack : 5.5mmX2.1mm (most common type)
TTL-800X600 can test the following make and model listed below and many more older LCD screens:
Manufacture Size LCD Screen
Hitachi 12.1" TX31D22VC1CAC
NEC 8.4" NL8060BC21-04
NEC 10.4 NL8060BC26-15
NEC 10.4 NL8060BC26-17
NEC 10.4 NL8060BC26-27
NEC 12.1 NL8060AC31-12
NEC 12.1 NL8060AC31-12G
NEC 12.1 NL8060BC31-01
NEC 12.1 NL8060BC31-02
NEC 12.1 NL8060BC31-09
NEC 12.1 NL8060BC31-20
NEC 12.1 NL8060BC31-42D
Samsung 12.1 LT121SS-105
Samsung 12.1 LTM121SI-T01
Sharp 8.4 LQ084S3DG01
Sharp 10.4 LQ104S1DG21
Sharp 10.4 LQ104S1DG2A
Sharp 12.1 LQ121S1DG11
Sharp 12.1 LQ121S1DG31

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