LCD Controller kit LQ150X1LW71N, LQ150X1LW73W, P/N: DF14-20P-1LVDS_1024X768-8Bit

Input Source: VGA only, MS459LC


This Embedded LCD Controller kit is designed to be easily integrated into (or Replacing your existing defective LCD Controller) the LCD screens that are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, gaming and all other applications. No technical skills required.
This LCD Controller will be programmed to 1024X768 pixels and tested before being shipped out. Please double check your LCD screen's part number and be sure to enter its part number in the “Notes” section at checkout. Inputting an incorrect LCD screen number will cause the LCD controller to not work.
Compact Size:
VGA only (MS459LC): 110mm(L) X 30mm(W) X 20mm(H)
DVI and VGA(S460LC): 110mm(L) X 55mm(W) X 20mm(H)
DVI, HDMI and VGA(MS489LC): 58 mm(L) X 140mm(W) X 20mm(H)
This LCD Controller Kit is compatible with the following LCD Screens:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen B+
AUO 15" G150XG02-V0, M150XN07-V2, G150XTN02.0 3.3V
AUO 15" G150XG02-V0, M150XN07-V2, G150XTN02.0 3.3V
CHIMEI 15" G150X1-L01. G150X1-L02, G150X1-L03
HANNSTAR 15" HSD150MX12, HSD150MX15 3.3V
LG PHILIPS 15" LB150X06-A3M1, LB150X02-TL01, LC150X01-A3 3.3V
LG PHILIPS 15" LC150X01-SL01, LM150X08-A4K3, LM150X08-A5N1 3.3V
LG PHILIPS 15" LM150X08-TLA1, LM150X08-TLB1 3.3V
MITSUBISHI 15" AC150XA01, AC150XA02, AA150XA03 3.3V
NEC 15" NL10276BC30-15, NL10276BC30-17, NL10276BC30-18C 3.3V
NEC 15" NL10276BC30-33D, NL10276BC30-34D 3.3V
SAMSUNG 15" LTA150XH-L06, LTM150XH-01, LTM150XH-L01 3.3V
SAMSUNG 15" LTM150XH-L05, LTM150XH-L06, LTM150XS-L04 3.3V
SHARP 15" LQ150X1LG45, LQ150X1LG51, LQ150X1LG55 3.3V
SHARP 15" LQ150X1LCD3, LQ150X1LG81, LQ150X1LG83 3.3V
SHARP 15" LQ150X1LG92, LQ150X1LG93, LQ150X1LGB1 3.3V
SHARP 15" LQ150X1LGF1, LQ150X1LW12, LQ150X1LW71 3.3V
SHARP 15" LQ150X1LW71N, LQ150X1LW73, LQ150X1LX95 3.3V
TOSHIBA 15" LTM15C458M, LTM15C458T 3.3V
TORISAN 15" TM150XG-22L03, TM150XG-22L03A, TM150XG-22L03C,  3.3V
TORISAN 15" TM150XG-26, TM150XG-26L10A 3.3V
TORISAN 15" TM150XG-26H, TM150XG-26L10J 3.3V
SVA 15" TMS150XG1-10TB, TM150XG01-10TB 3.3V

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