MS656LC, Build-In HDMI controller kit for eDP LCD screens



MS656LC is compatible with LCD Screens that have 30 pin eDP interface connector. MS656LC LCD Controller Kit included the following items:
5 Buttons Key PCB and Wire Harness
LCD screen Wire Harness
Build-In HDMI Input Connector
Support Resolution: 1280X800, 1366X768, 1600X900, 1920X1080 and 1920X1200
Accept Support wide input voltage, 6~20 V DC
Support 3.3V eDP LCD screen
OSD: Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Korean. Russian & Spanish
Key Functions: Select/Exit, Menu, Auto, Left and Right
Small and Compact Size: 73mm x 52mm X 9mm
Automatically synchronizes to most industry standard modes.
Automatic image scaling and contrast enhancement.
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:
Manufacture Size LCD Screen Resolution
AUO 15.6" B156XTN01.0 1366X768
BEO 15.6" NV156FHM-N42 1920X1080
LG Philips 14" LP140WF1-SPJ1 1920X1080
LG Philips 14" LP140WH1-TPD1 1366X768
LG Philips 15.6" LP156WF6-SPM2 1920X1080
LG Philips 17.3" LP173WF4 1920X1080
LG Philips 17.3" LP173WF4-SPF7 1920X1080
Sharp 13.3" LQ133M1JW03 1920X1080
Sharp 13.3" LQ133M1JW07 1920X1080
Sharp 13.3" LQ133M1JW21 1920X1080

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