MS100R43NT, 10" Open Frame monitor



This 10.0" Embedded open frame LCD monitor is designed to be easily integrated into (or Replacing your existing defective open frame monitor) kiosks, gaming and security monitor. No technical skills require.
LCD panel: 10.0 inch 
Resolution: 800X600
Up resolution: 1920×1200
Ratio Aspect: 4:3
Brightness: 430 cd/?(LED Backlight)
Contrast: 500:1
Viewing angle: 70°/70°, 50°/70° (L/R,U/D)
Input Voltage : DC12V±15%
Signal input: VGA; HDMI; AV1, Audio In, BNC
Color Format: Pal and NTSC compatible
Power consumption: 15W
Work temperature: -20~60?
Store temperature: -30~70?
Active Area(mm): 202.8 x 152.1
Outer Dimension without Mounting bracket(mm):
230mm ×176mm X 35mm
Outer Dimension with Mounting bracket(mm):
250mm × 176mm x 35mm
Bolt hole dimension: 100mm X 100mm
How to: Press AUTO to select input source, such as HDMI, BNC, VGA and AV 
Press MENU to adjust brightness, Contrast, select language...etc.

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