2711P-RDK12C Repair service, P/N: 2711P-RDK12C-REPAIR



Repair service - Shipping address will be emailed to you after checkout(Buy Now).
This listing is for the REPAIR of your defective PanelView Plus 1250, 2711P-RDK12C. This Repaired Service is included the 2711P-RDK12C-LEDKIT upgrade kit, new touch glass and Keypad. Parts, labor and outbound shipping (UPS Ground) are included in purchase of Repair Service. Our turnaround time is between 1~3 days after 2711P-RDK12C has been received. If expedited service is needed, please print your prepaid shipping label and send it in with the unit. We will ship 2711P-RDK12C back to you as soon as it is repaired.
Due to excessive damage or parts availability issues, not all units are repairable. If the defective components are not available, We will contact you, ship it back to you if you would like, and refund 100% of your payment.
90 days warranty after repair

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