How Difficult Is It to Upgrade from CCFL to LED Kit?
This rating and estimates time to complete LED upgrade are based on the following conditions:
1) Remove LCD screen,CCFL lamps and inverter from Main board or main chassis.
2) Install LED strip back to LCD screen and mount LED drive back on the CCFL inverter location.
Note: Not included, remove back cover, other boards etc …
LED upgrade difficulty Rating
Level 1 and level 2 are the easiest LCD screens to upgrade to our LED kits:
CCFL Assembly can be remove from these LCD screens by simply remove one or two small phillips screws. LED strip can be mount inside of CCFL reflector or directly mount LED strip back to the old CCFL Assembly's location.
A LED wire adapter is included(If ENA is disable, just connect +12~24V to Red wire and Negative/Ground to Black wire).
Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 are much harder due to their LCD screen's structure. In order to upgrade from CCFL to our LED kit on these LCD screens. LCD screen must be completely disassembled, you also need to re-arrange pin out between our LED driver and your old CCFL inverter