104LHS31, 104LHS35, 104LHS38, 104LHS39 LED Upgrade, P/N: 104LHS-LED



Are you tired of constantly replacing CCFL back light lamps again, again and again on 104LHS31, 104LHS35, 104LHS38, 104LHS39? When the situation has no time for downtime. To extend the 104LHS31, 104LHS35, 104LHS38, 104LHS39 LCD screen's life and improve its performance, upgrading to our 104LHS-LEDKIT is the best option. LEDs have a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours(last 10X longer than CCFL)
It is easy to Install! Anyone can do it! No technical skills required! Soldering required! Connect +12V or 24V DC to Red wire and connect negative (GND) to Black wire! 90 days warranty.
This LED Backlight Kit is compatible with the following LCD Screens:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
Allen Bradley 10.4" 2711C-T10C, PanelView C1000
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-13, NL6448AC33-18, NL6448AC33-18A 
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-24, NL6448AC33-27, NL6448AC33-29
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-31, NL6448BC33-31D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-46, NL6448BC33-46D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-50, NL6448BC33-50E
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-53, NL6448BC33-54, NL6448BC33-59
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-63, NL6448BC33-63D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-64, NL6448BC33-64E,
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-64R, NL6448BC33-70
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70C, NL6448BC33-70D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70F, NL6448BC33-74
NEC 10.4" NL8060AC26-11, NL8060BC26-17, NL8060BC26-30D
NEC 10.4" NL8060BC26-28, NL8060BC26-28N, NL8060BC26-30
NEC 10.4" NL8060BC26-30D, NL8060BC26-35, NL8060BC26-35C
NEC 10.4" NL8060BC26-35D, NL8060BC26-35F
Okuma 10.4" OSP-E11L
Okuma 10.4" OSP-U20G

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