A02B-0120-C131 Retrofit LCD Monitor. P/N: A02B-0120-C131-LCD



A02B-0120-C131-LCD retrofit LCD monitor is for Fanuc A02B-0120-C131/TAR monitor. It has the same screw hole position that you can mount directly on the original CNC metal frame that used to mount plasma Monitor. A02B-0120-C131-LCD has been upgraded to our sunlight readable LED kit. Easy to install, No technical skill required! No soldering required! Anyone can do it! A02B-0120-C131-LCD comes with a 1 year warranty.
Installation takes about 15 minutes:
Disconnect video signal connector and power supply connector on CRT assembly
Remove old A02B-0120-C131 LCD screen on metal frame.
Mount A02B-0120-C131-LCD back to the same metal frame.
Connect old video signal connector to A02B-0120-C131-LCD
Connect Red wire to +12V or 24V Dc and Black wire to Ground (Negative)! 1 year warranty.

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