104PW03F for NL6448BC33-70D and NL8060BC26-35



New MS613 LEDD is a direct replacement for NEC 104PW03F LED driver. It has an exact same dimension and screw hole as NEC 104PW03F. 90 days warranty
104PW03F, one of the most popular LED driver that uses in 6.5, 8.4 and 10.4 inch NEC LCD screens that are originally equipped with its manufacturer's LED strip. NEC 104PW03F is designed to driver up to 6 LED strings. 104PW03F has 8 pin molex input connector (53261-0871, 1.0mm) and 12 pin output connector (SM12B-SRSS-TB)
Input: 12V DC
Output: This value is accordance adaptable with the value for LED module
Our Current: 50 ma each string
fPWM: 100 ~ 500 Hz
This LED driver is compatible with the following LCD Screens:
Manufacture Size LCD Screen
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-30C
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-30F
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-20F
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-22F
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-26
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-26D
NEC 8.4" NL8060BC21-11
NEC 8.4" NL8060BC21-11C
NEC 8.4" NL8060BC21-11D
NEC 8.4" NL8060BC21-11F
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70C
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-71
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-71D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-71F
NEC 10.4" NL8060BC26-35
NEC 12.1" NL12880BC20-05
NEC 12.1" NL10276BC24-21
NEC 12.1" NL10276BC24-21F
NEC 12.1" NL10276BC24-21L

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