FIX-30S-2LVDS_1280X1024, LCD Controller kit

Input Source: VGA only, MS459LC


This Embedded LCD Controller kit is designed to be easily integrated into (or Replacing your existing defective LCD Controller) the LCD screens that are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, gaming and all other applications. No technical skills required.
This LCD Controller Kit is compatible with the following LCD Screens:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
AUO 17" G170EG01-V0, G170EG-V1
AUO 17" M170EG01-V0, M170EG01-V1, M170EG01-V2
AUO 17" M170EG01-V3, M170EG01-V5, M170EG01-V6
AUO 17" M170EG01-V7, M170EG01-V8, M170EG01-V9
AUO 17" M170EG01-VA, M170EG01-VD, M170EG01-VG
AUO 17" M170EN05, M170EN06, M170EN07
AUO 17" M70ETN01.0, M170ETN01.1, M170EG01-VG
AUO 19" A190EG02-V0, G190EG01-V0, G190EG01-V1
AUO 19" M190EG01-V0, M190EG01-V2, M190EG01-V3
AUO 19" M190EG01-V0, M190EG01-V2, M190EG01-V3
AUO 19" M190EG02-V0, M190EG02-V1, M190EG02-V3
AUO 19" M190EG02-V4, M190EG02-V7, M190EG02-V8
AUO 19" M190EG02-V9, M190ETN01.0, M190ETN01.1
CHIMEI 17" M70E05, M150E05-L05, M170E05-L07
CHIMEI 17" M70EGE-L20, M170EN04, M170EN07
CHIMEI 19" M90E5-L0A, M190E5-P01
HANNSTAR 19" HSD190ME12, HSD190ME13, HSD190MEN3-A00
INNOLUX 17" MT170EN01, MT170EN01-V7, MT170EN01-VA
LG PHILLIPS 17" LM170E01-A5, LM170E01-A5NC, LM170E01-A6KA
LG PHILLIPS 17" LM170E01-TLA8, LM170E03-TLG1, LM170E03-TLG3
LG PHILLIPS 17" LM170E03-TLJ1, LM170E03-TLJ5
LG PHILLIPS 19" LM190E01-C4, LM190E02-A4, LM190E02-B4
LG PHILLIPS 19" LM190E03-A4K1, LM190E03-B4, LM190E03-K210
LG PHILLIPS 19" LM190E05-SL02, LM190E05-SL03, LM190E08-TLG2
LG PHILLIPS 19" LM190E08-TLG3, LM190E08-TLJ7, LM190E08-TLL1
SAMSUNG 17" LTM170E4-L01, LTM170E4-P01, LTM170E5-L03
SAMSUNG 17" LTM170ET01, LTM170EU-L01, LTM170EU-L02
SAMSUNG 17" LTM170EU-L11, LTM170EU-L21, LTM170EU-L31
SAMSUNG 19" LTM190E08, LTM190E1-L01, LTM190E1-L03
SAMSUNG 19" LTM190E4-L01, LTM190E4-L02, LTM190E-L21
SAMSUNG 19" LTM190EP01, LTM190ET01, LTM190EX-L01
SAMSUNG 19" LTM190EX-L02, LTM190EX-L21, LTM190EX-L31
SHARP 17" LQ170E1LG11
SHARP 19" LQ190E1LW01, LQ190E1LW02

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