LM181E05-D4, 18.1 inch LG Philips LCD screen



This refurbished LG Philips LM181E05-D4 LCD screen has been replaced with our new CCFL back light lamps, new polarize film and tested. There are no scratches and no pressure marks on the screens. 30 days money back guaranteed! Like new conditions! 90 days warranty
LG Philips LM181E05-D4, one of the most popular LCD panels in an industrial application. This 108.1 inch LG Philips LM181E05-D4 is originally equipped with 4 CCFL back light lamps. To extend its life and improve its performance, upgrading it to our UB100370LED4530X2 LED kit is the best option. As they are a solid state semiconductor device, LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours.
Six pin pigtail connector is included. It is easy to Install! Anyone can do it!
LED upgrade kit for LG Philips LM181E05-D4 is Listed below
General Specifications:
Item Unit Specifications
Screen Size [inch] 18.1
Native Resolution 1280 X 1024
Active Area [mm] 359.040(H) X 287.232(V)
Outline dimension [mm] 389.0(W) X 317.2(H) X 27.0(D)
Bolt Hole Dimension [mm] 104 X 154
Input Voltage VDD [Volt] 12V
Screen Wire Harness MOLEX-30P-2LVDS-B14
Electrical Interface TTL(8-bit)
White Luminance [cd/m2] 250
Contrast Ratio 350:1
BackLight Connector BHR-05VS-1X2,
Backlight Inverter N/A
Response time, Rising msec 20
Response time, Falling msec 30
Viewing Angle - Horizontal degree 80
Viewing Angle - Vertical degree 80
LCD controller kit MOLEX-30P-2LVDS-B14_1280X1024
LED Backlight kit UB100370LED4530X2

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