Retrofit LCD monitor for OMNI VISION LP0918L88, P/N: MS084R43CNC+MS601EXT



MS084R43CNCU+MS601EXT is a retrofit replacement for old 9” CRT Monochrome CNC monitors. It also comes with a wire adapter, so you can plug into your existing video signal connector to MS084R43CNC+MS601EXT. MS084R43CNC+MS601EXT had upgraded to our UB54 sunlight readable LED kit. It will last 10 times longer than CCFL backlight. Easy to install, anyone can do it! 1 year warranty.
Compatible with the following Manufacturers and Models:
Manufacturer Original Model CRT Size CNC Equipment
Victor Data System MG-981J-AM 9" CRT (M) Amada aries 222
Allen Bradley 8200 9" CRT (M) Allen Bradley 8200
Allen Bradley 8600 9" CRT (M) Allen Bradley 8600
Allen Bradley 86002565K 9" CRT (M) Allen Bradley 8600
Dynapath 4201264 9" CRT (M)
Elston DM30-09BO-728-CLA 9" CRT (M)
Matsushita TR-90A9B 9" CRT (M) Fanuc CNC
Matsushita TR-9DD1B 9" CRT (M)  Fanuc CNC
Motorola MD2800-390 9" CRT (M) Motorola MD2800-390
Omni Vision LP0918L88 9" CRT (A)
ProtoTRACK MX2 9" CRT (A)
SELI SL/7002 9" CRT (M)
TSD Display 200005E 9" CRT (M)
Totoku MDT-941 9" CRT (M)
Totoku MDT-941D 9" CRT (M)
Yaskawa DMB-091 9" (M) CRT  Yaskawa DBM-091
Yaskawa DMB-095 9" (M) CRT  Yaskawa DBM-095
Yaskawa SIM-23 9" (M) CRT SIM-23

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