TTL-DF9-31_640X480, LCD Controller kit



This Embedded LCD Controller kit is designed to be easily integrated into (or Replacing your existing defective LCD Controller) the LCD screens that are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, gaming and all other applications. No technical skills required.
This LCD Controller Kit is compatible with the following LCD Screens:
Manufacturer Size LCD Screen
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VC01
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VC01
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VC03
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VC05
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VC07
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VF01
Mitsubishi 8.4" AA084VG01
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-13
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-18
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-18A
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-24
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-27
NEC 10.4" NL6448AC33-29
NEC 6.5" NL6448BC20-08E
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-01
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-03
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-09
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-09C
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-20F
NEC 8.4" NL6448BC26-22F
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-31
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-31D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-46
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-46D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-50
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-50E
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-53
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-54
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-59
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-64
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-64E
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-64R
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70C
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70D
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-70F
NEC 10.4" NL6448BC33-74
Sharp 8.4" LQ084DG21
Sharp 8.4" LQ084DG22
Sharp 8.4" LQ084DG41
Sharp 8.4" LQ084DG42
Sharp 8.4" LQ084DG43
Sharp 10.4" LQ10D367
Sharp 10.4" LQ10D368
Sharp 10.4" LQ104V1DW02

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