3-424-2202A01 Direct replacement LCD, P/N:3-424-2202A01-LCD



3-424-2202A01-LCD is a direct replacement for Acramatic 2100 3-424-2202A01. 3-424-2202A01-LCD has a much better image quality and is much brighter than old 3-424-2202A01. Wider viewing angle and faster response time then old 3-424-2202A01. 3-424-2202A01-LCD has upgraded our 3-424-2202A01-LEDKIT upgrade kit and 3-424-2202A01-LCD will last 10X longer than CCFL lamps.
A wire adapter is included. No technical skills required! No soldering required! It is easy to Install! Anyone can do it! 1 year warranty.
Installation takes about 15 minutes.
Disconnect CCFL lamps wire harness from CCFL inverter
Disconnect Screen wire harness on Acramatic 2100 3-424-2202A01
Remove old 3-424-2202A01 LCD screen
Mount 3-424-2202A01-LCD back to the same location
Mount MS610UB on the old inverter's location or on the back of 3-424-2202A01-LCD
Connect Screen wire harness to 3-424-2202A01-LCD
Connect LED wire adapter to the existing inverter wire harness
3-424-2202A01-LCD has the same interface connector, dimension and screw hole as the old 3-424-2202A01.
3-424-2202A01-LCD included the following items:
1) LCD screen ( it has upgraded to Sunlight Readable LED kit)
1) MS610UB LED driver
1) A wire adapter

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